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Copilot™ – Fatigue Monitor

Car & Driver’s Copilot Fatigue Monitor™ helps you avoid the effects of fatigued and distracted driving. The Copilot uses cutting edge facial recognition technology to monitor eye, eyelid and head positioning. If you get distracted, text and drive or begin falling asleep, the Copilot gets your attention with a loud, beeping alarm and optional vibrating seat pad. This device has all the qualities of a great copilot, without being a backseat driver.

  • Pupil Detection
  • Head Movement Tracking
  • 6 Non-contact IR LEDS
  • Works Day and Night
  • Loud Piercing Alert
  • Seat Vibrator (Optional)
Low Light 0.1 LUX
Range 1ft. – 3¼ ft.
  • Manual
  • Mount
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Car Charger

CDC-642 User guide coming soon