Car Audio 3.5mm Aux Tape Deck Cassette Adapter – Black
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Upgrade Your Vintage Vehicle
When you have a vintage car with a tape player, the cassette adapter will let you continue to enjoy the music on your phone or MP3 players. You don't need to replace or refit your car to avoid destroying his original classic.

Listen To Your Smartphone or Mp3 Player Through Your Car’s Cassette Player
Compatible with Most Car Stereo Systems
3 Ft Cable


Front and side loading cassette deck

80 cm / 31 in cable included

Master Pack Qty Master Pack Weight (Lbs) Master Pack Length (Inch) Master Pack Width (Inch) Master Pack Height (Inch) Inner Pack Qty (If Applicable)
48 12.79 18.50 11.02 20.87 8
Inner Pack Weight (Lbs) Inner Pack Length (Inch) Inner Pack Width (Inch) Inner Pack Height (Inch) Boxed Product Weight (Lbs) Boxed Product Length
2.03 5.12 3.54 5.91 0.3 2.75
Boxed Product Width Boxed Product Height Assembled Product Weight Assembled Product Length Assembled Product Width Assembled Product Height
4.05 6.25 0.10 0.25 3.96 2.50


Multi-port car charger

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