Magnetic Car Vent Mount for iPhone with MagSafe and Magnetic Smartphone Cases
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Convenient Magnetic Mount
Attaches to your car's air vents to safely keep smartphones at hand while on the road. Great for navigation, music, making calls, and more.

Designed for Drivers
Attaches to automotive air vents for distraction-free use
Magnetic Mounting Plate
Great for iPhone® 12 Series' MagSafe® back or any smartphone using the included Adhesive Metallic Plate.
360 Degrees of Rotation
Highly adjustable design allows for smartphone use in portrait or landscape mode
Small and Compact
Fits easily into glove compartments or pockets when not in use
Hands-Free Use
Use your phone's voice-activated AI assistant to make calls, switch songs, and much more without taking your hands off the wheel.


Works with iPhone 12’s MagSafe® back or any magnetic phone case.

Strong and safe magnetic connection.

Minimize distractions while driving.

Adhesive metallic plate included for non-magnetic smartphones.

Master Pack Qty Master Pack Weight (Lbs) Master Pack Length (Inch) Master Pack Width (Inch) Master Pack Height (Inch) Inner Pack Qty (If Applicable)
48 11.02 16.77 14.21 8.86 6
Inner Pack Weight (Lbs) Inner Pack Length (Inch) Inner Pack Width (Inch) Inner Pack Height (Inch) Boxed Product Weight (Lbs) Boxed Product Length
1.19 8.27 6.81 3.9 0.18 1.25
Boxed Product Width Boxed Product Height Assembled Product Weight Assembled Product Length Assembled Product Width Assembled Product Height
3.50 6.00 0.12 3.00 2.38 2.38


Magnetic Mount

Adhesive Metallic Plate

Warranty Card