25 Last-Minute 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Still Order Online

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Christmas 2020 is just 8 days away from this article’s publishing, so it is still not too late to do your share of holiday season shopping for this year. And going beyond this year’s unprecedented holiday season, it never hurts to have some gift ideas up your sleeve to show those in your life that you are warmly thinking of them. Below are timely 25 gift ideas — all immediately available for online-based ordering — of varying price points worth looking into for a friend and/or a loved one.

Car And Driver Car Accessories

"CAR AND DRIVER Bluetooth FM Transmitter Cup Holder for Car with Built-in Dual USB Fast Charging Ports & Dual Cigarette Lighter 12V Power Sockets. Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless. Handsfree Car Kit https://t.co/ewGeX6hYGh pic.twitter.com/oWkqWVcbjk

— GoodDeals (@gooddeals4us) July 31, 2020"


While many of us are still working from home, car-based travel is inevitable for a variety of reasons. With only a few days until Christmas 2020 is underway, there is still time to grab an item or 2 to make long car trips more entertaining.

For those with older vehicles, there is now a way to update vehicle technology without needing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new ride.

The Car And Driver Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter, priced at $29.99, makes any car Bluetooth viable so you can play music straight from your phone. The Power Station Cup Holder/FM Transmitter (also priced $29.99) fits comfortably in your cupholder, includes 2 USB charging ports, and is easy to install and remove for usage in multiple cars. Both of these music and podcast-friendly products are available for same-day purchase at Best Buy and for delivery via Amazon.