The Hottest Discoveries Uncovered at CES 2021

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More than four dozen selections to discover …

For years we hiked miles and miles to dig out the hottest new items for our readers. This year, thanks to COVID-19, we are Zooming around instead of hiking. It’s virtually nothing like the old days, but technology never stands still, and the products we found are a testament to the industry.

The Consumer Electronics Show is over now, but we’ve already discovered more than four dozen products to feature.

While we normally only write about products that we have used and tested for a period of time, most of these are products that we have not tested yet. Watch our blog for more in-depth tests as various products become available.


Car and Driver Glass HUD

The Car and Driver Heads-Up Display is a plug and play glass HUD that makes any vehicle compatible with Carplay, Android Auto, and Baidu CarLife. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and can be controlled via voice or by a remote control that mounts to the steering wheel.

For older cars that don’t have wireless connectivity, the HUD includes an FM transmitter that connects to the car’s sound system via the radio. The HUD will be available at BestBuy in April at $299.99 MSRP.


Read More: Click here for Original article